LightCraftWorkshop fader vs IRND filter

June 10, 2012

Well I had this Lightcraft Workshop fader lying around and thought I’d give it a test versus a normal IRND Tiffen filter.
The faders are very popular by DSLR shooters and there are various brands which produce various quality.

So I used a 70-200 Canon L II 2.8 on my Epic and did a quick video test.
By no means this is a full scientific test but I was just curious how soft the footage would become when using the LCW Vari ND.

Here are two 100% crop images. You can clearly see how soft the image becomes with this LCW vari filter.
The image is even softer than I would have imagined. So I’ll keep this LCW filter on my 5D because of the softness it’ll probably reduce the moire effect.

This week I will receive a new Heliopan vari ND filter and give that one a quick test.
100% crop from 5K  R3D footage with a LCW fader:

100% crop from 5K  R3D footage with a single Tiffen IRND filter:



I just received a Heliopan 77mm Vari ND filter and gave it a quick test.
Shot with a Canon 70-200mm @ 200mm. Tis Helipan filter performs way better than the Lightcraft Workshop fader.
Not as good as a single IRND filter, but accaptable to use as a walk-a-raound option. There is a slight color shift but nothing you cannot fix in Post.

here are the quick results:




Hasselblad vs RED Epic for stills

May 24, 2012

Adobe CS6 arrived!

May 8, 2012

YES! Adobe CS6 is a major upgrade for the Production Premium part of the Suite.
Am currently editing 5K Red Raw material from my Epic camera in realtime inside Premiere Pro CS6. 🙂

Ofcourse that was already possible in CS5.5 but everything is performing better, MUCH better.

For more info on Premiere Pro CS6: Creative Cow

and After Effects CS6 see: fxguide TV

and Adobe TV for all apps: http://tv.adobe.com/


Portrait quickies

May 6, 2012

Still frames from 5K motion files:


Cheap – Fast – Good

May 5, 2012

You are given the options of FastGood and Cheap, and told to pick any two. Here Fast refers to the time required to deliver the product,Good is the quality of the final product, and Cheap refers to the total cost of designing and building the product. This triangle reflects the fact that the three properties of a project are interrelated, and it is not possible to optimize all three – one will always suffer. In other words you have three options:

  • Design something quickly and to a high standard, but then it will not be cheap.
  • Design something quickly and cheaply, but it will not be of high quality.
  • Design something with high quality and cheaply, but it will take a long time.

source: Wikipedia


Extra interviews Horecasterren.nl

May 5, 2012

For the website horecasterren.nl we had to film a new item which will be added soon.
This time we were filming at restaurant Branco in Rotterdam for the extra interviews and footage.
Shooting on the 5D MarkII

Client: SVH
Agency: 0-to-9
Camera: Menno van Dijk (5DmII)
POST: Maurice Steenbergen


RED Epic-X 5K screenshot + footage

March 31, 2012

A few day’s ago I received my Red Epic-X. Finally got some time to shoot some testfootage.
I am amazed by the quality and it is a big step up for me from my previous Red One.

Here is a still shot taken from some footage I’ve shot. (Click on the image for a 100% preview 3,4 MB jpeg)
Footage coming soon…

HD footage click here >>