Portrait quickies

May 6, 2012

Still frames from 5K motion files:


Cheap – Fast – Good

May 5, 2012

You are given the options of FastGood and Cheap, and told to pick any two. Here Fast refers to the time required to deliver the product,Good is the quality of the final product, and Cheap refers to the total cost of designing and building the product. This triangle reflects the fact that the three properties of a project are interrelated, and it is not possible to optimize all three – one will always suffer. In other words you have three options:

  • Design something quickly and to a high standard, but then it will not be cheap.
  • Design something quickly and cheaply, but it will not be of high quality.
  • Design something with high quality and cheaply, but it will take a long time.

source: Wikipedia


Extra interviews Horecasterren.nl

May 5, 2012

For the website horecasterren.nl we had to film a new item which will be added soon.
This time we were filming at restaurant Branco in Rotterdam for the extra interviews and footage.
Shooting on the 5D MarkII

Client: SVH
Agency: 0-to-9
Camera: Menno van Dijk (5DmII)
POST: Maurice Steenbergen


RED Epic-X 5K screenshot + footage

March 31, 2012

A few day’s ago I received my Red Epic-X. Finally got some time to shoot some testfootage.
I am amazed by the quality and it is a big step up for me from my previous Red One.

Here is a still shot taken from some footage I’ve shot. (Click on the image for a 100% preview 3,4 MB jpeg)
Footage coming soon…

HD footage click here >>


Prepping for a 4K world

February 15, 2012

Michael Cioni talking about the technical aspects where Post production is heading to


Videoclip Nailking “substantia nigra”

January 23, 2012

A few weeks back we shot the performance shots for the new videoclip “substantia nigra” for the band Nail King.

Band: Nail King
Director: Awik Balaian
DoP: Menno van Dijk
Assist: Xiomara Gonzalez
Location: Rotterdam (The Netherlands)


New videoclip Heidevolk

January 18, 2012

Currently in Post production by Awik Balaian. More images will be available after the release.

Artist/band: Heidevolk
Director: Awik Balaian
DOP/camera: Menno van Dijk
Assist: Xiomara Gonzalez
Edit/POST: Awik Balaian


Specsavers Tie animation

January 11, 2012

For BSUR Agency created the 3D animation for  Specsavers.

Concept: BSUR
Account manager: Eline Peek
Animation: Menno van Dijk
POST: Glassworks


Videoclip for promoting the new train station at Westervoort

October 7, 2011

Last vriday we had a busy day shooting a lipdup style videoclip. We had about 16 to 20 locations to shoot. Besides we had about 30 min to travel to the next location, set up the shot and shoot, everything went pretty smooth.

Producer: Eyevision productions
Camera: Menno van Dijk (canon 5DmII)
POST: Eyevision production
Agency: Mediaz
Client: Gemeente Westervoort


Horecasterren.nl (interviews)

September 21, 2011

Agency: BouwmeestervanLeeuwen
Client: SVH
Camera: Menno van Dijk (5DmII)
Audio: Maurice Steenbergen
POST: Maurice Steenbergen