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Big City.. Here we come!

July 26, 2012

“Nee we zijn niet in een hokje te stoppen..” Blijkbaar toch wel 🙂
Vanaf 1 augustus zijn we met ons team operationeel vanuit een mooie locatie op het Timorplein in Amsterdam. We hebben er veel zin in!


Nescafe Homepage takeover at

January 8, 2011

Creating a nescafe homepage takeover was a fun job to do. 🙂
It combined most of my skills together into one project.
For example the vapor effect on the left involved zsculpting the beans, and animate the effect in 3dsmax
Ths guy on the right we shot in the studio (chroma)
All footage combined in Post and all elements came together in flash

Agengy: Mccann Worldgroup
Client: Nescafe
Resposable for client: Eva Taytelbaum, Valentijn Spek, Elske Polderman
Art Direction/Artwork: Albert Vegers, Tomas Minken
DOP/camera: Menno van Dijk
POST: Menno van Dijk
Animation/fx: Menno van Dijk
Flash: Menno van Dijk


Beun is back

December 7, 2010

Remember the old tv campaigns of Beun de Haas? Well, he is back!
He will be driving us nuts with a National (Dutch) campaign on air and internet. A new multimedia occasion site is launched with lot’s of funny new and old video’s

Agency: Bouwmeester van Leeuwen
Account manager: Astrid van Dijk
Account: Bovag
Concept: Niels Kiene
Art Direction/Artwork: Niels Kiene
DOP/camera: Menno van Dijk
Audio: Maurice Steenbergen
POST: Dplus visuals
Online: Mangrove


S&H corporate redesign logo and website

September 28, 2010

Agency: Arxx reclame & marketing
Client: S&H fulfillment
Account manager: Foke Leppink
3D / designer: me (Menno van Dijk)
Flash: me (Menno van Dijk)
Camera: (Menno van Dijk)
POST: (Menno van Dijk)
Audio: Maurice Steenbergen

This year I haven been working for a client for Arxx creating the following:

1) redesign of the corporate logo; make it a modern 3D version. Modelled a 3D dolphin in 3DsMax. Rendered with Vray and finished in Photoshop.
2) new design for their corporate website You can see it here
3) The elevator pitch flash app we filmed the CEO in the studio (greenscreen) with the Red.
Color correction and Postproduction in AfterEffects. The flash app contains 5 elevator pitch movies and a ‘wait’ movie.

New logo:

Old logo:

New site with elevator pitch:

Old website:


NuSport online campaign

June 4, 2010

Online flash banner campaign with various size formats, streaming video, corner ads etc.
Agency: BSUR


L’Oreal online campaigns 2009

November 24, 2009

For Mccann Erickson we have created the online materials for various L’Oreal campaigns.

Below only the rectangle versions:


Martin Air online ad campaigns

May 13, 2009

For Mccann Worldgroup Netherlands I have build the flash banner campaign of Martin Air.
These are two campaigns; 1 set of banners with pricing fed by XML and one set with the suitcase.
Both sets are made in all various banner sizes and will be live this spring and summer.
Concept & Artwork: Mccann Erickson Netherlands

(Sorry for the low quality, will update better ones soon)


L’Oreal Men Expert banner

May 28, 2008

Flash banners for L’Oreal Men Expert. (Concept Mccann Erickson Netherlands, assets: 3D artwork)


Office 2007 online campaign March 2008

March 27, 2008

office_excel_336.jpg Created a banner campaign for Microsoft Office 2007. A total of 72 different flash banners. Here are a couple screenshots.