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Foxy Fox

May 15, 2015

Testing out Hairfarm for 3DsMax. Rendered with Vray and editted in Photoshop.fox_illustration_3dsmax_hairfarm


Corporate image BStriker

November 15, 2012

Created a new piece of artwork for a startup company (BStriker)



Big City.. Here we come!

July 26, 2012

“Nee we zijn niet in een hokje te stoppen..” Blijkbaar toch wel 🙂
Vanaf 1 augustus zijn we met ons team operationeel vanuit een mooie locatie op het Timorplein in Amsterdam. We hebben er veel zin in!


Bebook Live tablet commercial

May 8, 2011

Bebook Live tablet from Menno van Dijk on Vimeo.

Client: MyBebook
Agency: –
Art Director: Menno van Dijk, Manon Kollaart
Account manager: –
3D modeling/animation: Menno van Dijk
POST: Menno van Dijk
Audio (music): Maurice Steenbergen
Audio Voice Over responsible: MyBebook


Bits of metal

December 8, 2010

3D visual created for one of the clients of Arxx reclame & marketing

Software used: 3Ds Max + vray, Photoshop



October 11, 2010


3D television

October 5, 2010

Just for fun working on some ‘ real’ 3D television visuals.
Created using Zbrush and 3Ds Max.

real 3d television

real 3D television hands


S&H corporate redesign logo and website

September 28, 2010

Agency: Arxx reclame & marketing
Client: S&H fulfillment
Account manager: Foke Leppink
3D / designer: me (Menno van Dijk)
Flash: me (Menno van Dijk)
Camera: (Menno van Dijk)
POST: (Menno van Dijk)
Audio: Maurice Steenbergen

This year I haven been working for a client for Arxx creating the following:

1) redesign of the corporate logo; make it a modern 3D version. Modelled a 3D dolphin in 3DsMax. Rendered with Vray and finished in Photoshop.
2) new design for their corporate website You can see it here
3) The elevator pitch flash app we filmed the CEO in the studio (greenscreen) with the Red.
Color correction and Postproduction in AfterEffects. The flash app contains 5 elevator pitch movies and a ‘wait’ movie.

New logo:

Old logo:

New site with elevator pitch:

Old website:


Zombie work in progress

September 22, 2010

Started in Zbrush 3 and now working on it in Zbrush 4.

Still lots of texture painting to do, but it is starting to look nice, or I mean it doesn’t 🙂

zombie zbrush model


Just shot

June 9, 2010

Last night we had a shoot for a product presentation.
I will be doing all Post processing, 3D animation and effects for this one which is sceduled to be finished by the end of July.