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June 7, 2011

As  most of you know I do work together with various freelance artists.

We are launching a new but simple website to show our video/film projects
Please visit


Vakantiecheck Beun de Haas commercial

June 1, 2011

Online campaign combined with a tv commercial.
also see for the homepage

Client: Bovag
Agency: Bouwmeester van Leeuwen Rotterdam
Art Director: Niels Kiene
Account manager: Astrid van Dijk, Emma Bouwmeester
Director on set: Niels Kiene
Camera: Menno van Dijk
Light: Koos Westhoff
POST: Menno van Dijk
3D animation: Menno van Dijk
Audio on Set: Maurice Steenbergen
Audio POST: Sonic Picnic