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Nescafe Homepage takeover at

January 8, 2011

Creating a nescafe homepage takeover was a fun job to do. 🙂
It combined most of my skills together into one project.
For example the vapor effect on the left involved zsculpting the beans, and animate the effect in 3dsmax
Ths guy on the right we shot in the studio (chroma)
All footage combined in Post and all elements came together in flash

Agengy: Mccann Worldgroup
Client: Nescafe
Resposable for client: Eva Taytelbaum, Valentijn Spek, Elske Polderman
Art Direction/Artwork: Albert Vegers, Tomas Minken
DOP/camera: Menno van Dijk
POST: Menno van Dijk
Animation/fx: Menno van Dijk
Flash: Menno van Dijk