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Ready 4 Life (charity)

June 14, 2009

As a result  of my girlfriend ‘s last trip  to South Africa last year for charity work I am doing some work for this foundation as well.  “Ready 4 Life ”  ( is a foundation with various projects. One of these projects is to help children from the townships in Port Elizabeth going back  to school.  We just  created the new Ready4life & UTC logos for the foundation and now we are working on some promo films especially for fundraisers. The thing is, that the video material has been shot at the projects by volunteers with old dv cams and no video background. We would really love to make some great promo films for their various projects so people can really see what the foundation stands for and the great work volunteers are doing.  So if there is anyone or any company who could help us (financially ) going to South Africa ourselves for getting great material to make better fundraising- films, please don’t hesitate to contact me.