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Rigby videoclip

April 17, 2009

We shot this clip on the Red One.
Directed by: Carel Smits (Perplexa film)
Camera: Menno van Dijk (dplus visuals)
DOP: Arie van Dam
Edit/Post: Marvin Schoemaker (iD-Q studio)




April 4, 2009

Hi, it has been a while since I wrote some new posts. This is mostly because there is so much going on and I do’nt know where to start 😉
First of all, sill working on some 3d animations and visuals for several companies, some online ad campaings and some charity work for ready4life.
I will try to get permission to post some work. Beside that we have done a few Red videoclip shoots which will be on air soon.

Last week we picked up the actioncam from Actionproducts in Zwitserland. This one is a breeze compared to my old one which wasn’t made to support te Red. The actioncam uses some red part including the lcd arm. I found this too variable to balance the rig easely. The original straight lcd arm from AP would not hold the 7″ lcd, so I am working out another solution. Here are some pictures with the red lcd,  thanks to Arie van Dam

actioncam 1

actioncam 2

actioncam 3

actioncam 4

Actioncam 5