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Peugeot visual (from 2007)

February 21, 2008

SportiveToday I found an image I created mid 2007. There was a very short deadline for modelling, texturing and rendering the complete image.
The image was supposed to be printed on a non transparent material and a lot larger. If I knew they would use transparent material and a less large format, I could have spend some more time texturing. 🙂

  At the dealer


First zbrush tests

February 19, 2008

minotaurus  minotaurus_wip_2.jpg  minotaurus_wip_3.jpg<update> Added the minotaurus </update>
Well I gave zbrush a try, and these are my first results. If you understand the interface, it’s fun to work with.

minotaurus_00.jpg  minotaurus_01.jpg  minotaurus_02.jpg<update2> Exported the texture maps from zbrush and rendered these in 3dsMax </update2>


old man test

Alien head test

swamp creature test


Thinking robots

February 15, 2008

I’ve been asked to create a visual of a thinking robot for an ad campain.
Beside that on I created some adaptions for myself 🙂