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Commercials Ortel mobile

December 31, 2007

Oktober – December 2007 I’ve been working on some tv commercials for Ortel Mobile. The basic look and feel is based on an older commercial, but I had to re-create everything. For 3D software I used 3Dsmax with mental ray as renderer. And for POST I used After effects. In total there were 5 versions of 25 sec (6 languages), with variations in characters per language.



Winter in The Netherlands

December 31, 2007

Last week we had some cold days over here. So I grabbed my camera and took some nice shots
dawnhouse.jpg frosted_berries.jpg frozenseeds.jpg

frozendawn.jpg landingplace_01.jpg landingplace_02.jpg skating_01.jpg

molen_kinderdijk.jpg skating_02.jpg snowybranches.jpg